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RUBIQ Survey offers clients three proprietary tools to measure the performance, effectiveness, and climate of the organisation as a whole. These unique tools are designed for internal and external use, allowing staff and management to find rapid answers to key business questions, and improve performance across functional areas. Each of these tools is customised to suit the needs of individual organisations.

HR Doctor
HR Doctor measures the performance of the HR function within an organisation. It allows internal customers (usually supervision and line managers) to establish the extent to which the HR department fulfills their needs. It provides clear, graphic representation of HR service delivery, highlighting the areas that meet (and fail to meet) the needs of internal clients.  

Business Doctor
Business Doctor is designed for use at Senior Management and Board Level to measure the performance of Key Performance Areas. It allows for honest self-assessment of the objectives of the organisation as a whole.

Business Doctor analyses the service delivery and performance of the various operational functions and graphically displays these results instantly. 

The Survey Doctor
Survey Doctor is a high-tech tool used to measure levels of staff satisfaction and the corporate climate. It is also effective in measuring levels of customer satisfaction, helping you to anticipate consumer, client and customer needs, and give you the competitive advantage.

Survey Doctor offers rapid answers, providing graphic representation of the dimensions being measured, together with a written analysis and recommendations within as little as two days. It is an effective tool in gap analysis, decision-making and the development of strategic and operational planning.


measureAnything can be measured, and never has that been more vital in business than today. If you don’t measure it, you cannot control it - nor can you improve it. For example, do you know what your staff really think?

RUBIQ Consulting can monitor staff perceptions for improved productivity – at a very low cost through Survey Doctor opinion tool. Applied to customers this can provide insights which can literally transform your business.

Surveys are essential, to ensure business remains focused on what is important and vital for the business.

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