Headed by Leigh Streng, RUBIQ Recruitment understands that acquiring and retaining the right talent is a key competitive advantage.  

RUBIQ Recruitment provides a professional talent management and recruitment service eliminating the need for company involvement until the final selection process.


Our team employs specialist knowledge across a broad range of industries and disciplines to identify and match talented individuals to clients’ job specifications.


  • o Confidentiality in all placements
  • o Database searches (internal and external) for appropriate candidates
  • o Preparation and placements of recruitment ads
  • o Reviewing of applications
  • o Management of interviews
  • o Shortlisting of candidates
  • o Reference checks
  • o Headhunting
  • o Psychometric testing
  • o Reviewing of recruitment policies to ensure achievement of corporate objectives and fulfillment of job specifications
  • o Advice on salary and wage rates
  • o Outsourcing for companies retrenching staff
  • o Talent management strategies (retention and development of key personnel)

Service Level Agreements

At RUBIQ Recruitment we back up our promise to provide you with an affordable, flexible service of high standard that is focused on your business needs, with service level agreements that ensure that you get what you paid for. 


Fee Structure

RUBIQ Recruitment offers clients the opportunity to manage their employees through retainer agreements and/ or once-off projects and assignments.

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