Headed by MD Peter Streng, RUBIQ Consulting is structured to offer their expertise to companies based in Southern Africa as well as international companies investing in Africa.



The RUBIQ Consulting division offers specialist Human Resource services in the following areas:


- Corporate Strategy
- HR Strategy
- HR Policies and Procedures
- Labour Law Compliance Audits
- Organisational Design
- Industrial Relations
- Job Design
- Job Classification and Grading
- Personnel Management Systems
- Measuring HR Performance
- Disciplinary Hearings
- Employee Relations
- Employee Contracts
- Benefits and Compensation
- Rewards and Incentive Schemes
- Training and Development
- Lecturing Services
- Team Building

Short Training Courses

- Time Management
- Communication Skills
- Interviewing Skills
- Management Skills
- Practical Finance
- Customer Satisfaction
- Disciplinary Hearings
- Telephone Etiquette


Fee Structure

RUBIQ Consulting provides specialist services and a flexible means of delivery. For this reason, three fee options are offered:  an hourly rate, a project fee or a retainer-based fee. The appropriate choice is made is conjunction with each client, depending on your needs and the scope of the project.

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognises genius" - Arthur Canon Doyle

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