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Headed by MD Peter Streng, RUBIQ Consulting is structured to offer their expertise to companies based in Southern Africa as well as international companies investing in Africa. RUBIQ Consulting provides a professional consulting service eliminating the need for company involvement until the final selection process. Our team employs specialist knowledge across to identify and match talented individuals to clients’ job specifications... Read More



Significant increases in foreign investment in Africa have resulted in a growing need for local HR knowledge combined with an understanding of international requirements. Exposure to more than 30 highly effective companies in the UK, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil, as well as experience in South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo has equipped RUBIQ Africa to lead the way in HR consulting to foreign investors... Read More



RUBIQ Survey offers clients three proprietary tools to measure the performance, effectiveness, and climate of the organisation as a whole. These unique tools are designed for internal use, allowing staff and management to find rapid answers to key business questions, and improve performance across functional areas. Each of these tools is customised to suit the needs of individual organisations... Read More


Human development is defined as the process of improving organisational AND human performance; of affording people opportunities in leading and learning organisations, thereby improving their well-being.  The objective is to ensure that the minds and talents of people are applied fully and creatively to business problems and opportunities.

This is what we at RUBIQ are renowned for: delivering public, in-house or train-the-trainer courses in respect of the programmes below, aimed at achieving personal and organisational growth.... Read More



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